Abstract Series

A fleeting experience gives way to visual images of form. Then the mind must focus and concentrate on what makes art successful. Where is the tension? How do spaces flow?

It is my vision. I find it difficult to paint someone else’s vision. I paint what I want to share and hope others can enjoy the image or at least find it interesting.

With this always comes some moments of self doubt and struggle. Will the piece speak to others? Is the work finished? I have been known to hang a painting for months of observation and reflection making changes over time. I seek for the visual peace of mind to declare a work complete.

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Daylily Series / Florals

The Daylily Series of paintings comes from my gardening passion. My husband and I have a large American Hemerocallis Display Garden with about 600 different hybridized daylilies. These paintings represent a few of my favorite daylilies that I grow.

I selected the 12″ x 12″ format because of the different visual presentations this format offers.

These paintings are available in Fine Art Giclée prints on canvas or paper. Download order form.

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Landscape Series

The abstract image often begins with a personal interpretation of a concept rooted in realism. Then, the forces of art take over – line, form, color, contrast, texture, balance, value, proportion, repetition, emphasis.

Nature is all of this and more. Thus, I am a continuous student of nature always looking for inspiration and understanding- looking for those places or moments that intrigue and mystify me. As I visually interpret this space in time, I am trying to capture the uniqueness of the moment that drew me into the scene and made me want to linger.

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Prairie Series

This series began with an interpretation of prairie plants in my own Wisconsin space. Prairie plants are hardy – survivors with deep roots in all types of extreme weather conditions. I wanted these works to represent that strength through textures and layers upon layers of paint. I applied the acrylic paint with a palette knife for textural quality and the energy of the stroke. The prairie flowers and grasses change with the seasons. I wanted to capture a sense of these visual changes with this series of paintings.

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Napa / Sonoma Series

This series of paintings is the result of a 2012 summer trip to Napa and Sonoma. The beautiful valley setting of vineyards with the mountain backdrop provided the inspiration. The twisted and knotted textures of the grapevines contrast with the perfumed fruit of the grapes and wine. The historical connection between the wine industry in Wisconsin and California provided an interesting twist that I hope to explore further in paintings.

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The Markets of Provence

A recent trip to the Provence area of France inspired me to paint a series of market images. Provencal markets are famous for their spices and regional produce. As an artist, the visual colors and displays were delightful to behold. The market days were some of my favorite adventures!

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The English Series

I have always believed that your best art subjects come from personal experiences. Our daughter has lived in London for five years and we have had the wonderful opportunity to visit her and experience a bit of the British culture. This group of paintings is the result of some of my favorite locations we explored—places that seem to age seamlessly.

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The Pond Series

The images in this series are very familiar observations from the pond in our backyard. In our home, the pond is referred too as “Rob’s Pond”, my husband. He created the pond and takes care of the pond. I just get to enjoy the view daily from my studio window.

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